$ 290.00 USD Adults
$ 198.00 USD Minors


ITINERARY 2019 / 2020

One of the best tours in Mexico.

In this peninsular tour you can experience the one of the most historic cities of M�xico, a magic town and the most important Mayan pyramid. Known as the "White City", Merida is a beautiful XVI century colonial town, in which we will have the opportunity to know the main plaza or town square, the house of the Spanish conqueror Don Francisco de Montejo.
Izamal is another colonial town where time doesn't seem to have passed, beautifully painted in a pale yellow color, most of the houses and main buildings are just a wonderful place to visit, the convent of San Antonio de Padua was built on top of an ancient Mayan platform and that makes the atrium of the convent to be the world's second largest after Saint Peter's basilica in the Vatican.
Uxmal is an ancient Mayan city of the classic period, located south of Merida, built with a constructive style known as Puuc or "mosaic" is one of the most beautiful cities ever built by the Maya, a truly must see.
Chichen Itza, one of the new seven wonders of the world is a great place to visit, a place where Mayan engineering, architecture, mathematics and astronomy were all combined to create this incredible Mayan city, we will visit the most important buildings in this beautiful Mayan ancient city.

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